A Family Tradition! Since the 1940s, generations of our family have enjoyed Aunt Ida Belle’s delicious homemade toffee. A gifted culinary artist, Aunt Ida Belle was known throughout her community for her beautifully decorated cakes and confections. Ever the perfectionist, she took a true scientific, scholarly approach to cooking. She would try a recipe many times, varying small details until she achieved the exact taste and texture she envisioned. Each Christmas, she shared her delicious toffee as a unique and wonderful gift to family and friends.

The Best Almond Toffee! We were trusted with the treasured recipe for this delicious confection many years ago and have carried on the tradition of sharing it at Christmas. Over the years, our list of recipients has grown as family and friends looked forward to this special Christmas gift and suggested that we offer it for purchase. In 2009, Belle’s Fine Toffee was established.

Belle’s Fine Gourmet Hand Dipped Toffee contains only water, cane sugar, creamery butter and whole natural almonds. As a finishing touch, we dip each piece of toffee in the finest imported Belgian Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate.

Toffee is adversely affected by moisture so Belle’s Fine Hand Dipped Gourmet Toffee is packaged in resealable metalized bags to keep it at the peak of perfection. Belle’s Fine Toffee freezes well and will keep for up to a year frozen. Allow the bag to reach room temperature before opening to prevent moisture degradation.

Gourmet Toffee Gifts We hope Aunt Ida Belle’s Fine Toffee Gifts will become part of your own family traditions. Please take a look at the delicious gourmet almond toffee gifts we have available for purchase.